News :      Myawaddy Office   

Date&time:  21 July 2019 17:50

Nordic has set up a new operation at Myawaddy to support the cross-border service. At Myawaddy a dedicated team handles customs formalities, and goods are transloaded between Thai and Myanmar trucks in the Nordic yard. Initial cargoes include garments for export from Myanmar, which Nordic delivers airside at Suvarnabhumi en route to Europe and the US; and inbound Thai raw materials for food products manufactured in Myanmar. Nordic is a leader in a growing trend: according to Nordic co-founder Mon Myat Thu “More and more people are switching key shipments away from slow and inconvenient shipping routes to road”

News :    Cross Border Transport of Garments

Date  : 2019 July 22    3:10 PM

NTGM was in March, awarded several new contracts for cross border transport of garments from Yangon to Bangkok Airport, as well as Phuket. Volume is approximately 2000 tons for the remainder of 2018. This will be both garment in boxes, but also for the first time done, bringing GOH (Garment on Hanger) in specialized trucks/containers. NTGM operates its own Customs Agent office at Myawaddy and offer door to door service for import or export or transit cargo to and from Thailand and China.