Our Approach


We prioritise the personal safety of our team, our customers and suppliers. This means taking a rigorous, standards-based approach to everything we do, from materials handling,  driver  overtime management, premises design and training of our staff.

We look after the physical safety and security of your goods, with secure storage, temperature control, careful handling

We take responsibility for compliance with local and international laws and standards by ourselves and our subcontractors, at all levels of our business, including such areas as diverse as vehicle maintenance, workplace practices and customs processing


Our business is based on long term partnerships with our customers. They key to this is simple – Reliability.

Building reliability requires:

  • a clear written statement of standards and expectations
  • an open, process-driven approach to delivery
  • recording, reporting and continuously improving our performance


Each of our customers is unique, and we shape customised solutions to exactly meet our customers needs. In many cases, this is a journey which we undertake with our customer – as their needs change, sometimes very rapidly, so do our solutions.  This is critical to allowing our customers to grow and develop their business in Myanmar.