Outsourcing logistics to a trusted partner is a proven path to success in retail, especially for fast-growing companies. You need to focus on your core business of building and managing great retail outlets, and to avoid tying up management time and resources in logistics management, warehouses and trucks. Working with us means you can start with as much – or as little – as you need, and we will provide additional space, transport and management support as your business grows.

We will look after import clearance and transport to warehouse. At the warehouse we will inspect and keep your goods safely and track each item using bar codes, using your systems or our own to give you visibility of stock levels for each SKU. Regular physical stock counts are an important part of our work, and we will agree with you on the protocol for these before we start.

If your goods require repackaging we can do it, or provide you with space to do it yourself

Outbound we will ship to your order anywhere in Myanmar, working with you to optimise delivery patterns and keep the right stock levels in store. We will handle returns as required, including inspection and reporting,

If your goods require specialised temperature, humidity or other special environments we will provide these together with auditable monitoring to ensure that your standards are maintained.