Established: 2014
Companies: Nordic Group Ltd, Nordic Oilfield Services, Nordic Alliance Myanmar
Ownership: Nordic Oilfield Services
Main activities: Nordic Alliance Norway/Myanmar Import/export, Trading, Warehousing, CFS, Trucking, Assembly, Manufacturing
Staff (2019): 130+
Clients: 30 (long term)
Main Office: No(62-B),Kan Yeik Thar Lane,(10) Quarter, Mayangone township, Yangon
Downtown Office: 4th floor,Classic Strand Condominium (Customs & Port Services)
Myawaddy Office: No.356, Thin Gan Nyi Naung Road, Myawaddy Trade Zone, Next to import customs house.
Warehouses: Mingalardon 44.000 sq/ft
CFS: Dagon Seikkan Unit A4 -25.000 sq/ft (operational) Dagon Seikkan Unit A – 12.500 sq/ft (opens end of July 2017) Dagon Seikkan Unit A5 – 50.000 sq/ft (opens end 2017)
Mandalay Warehouse Warehose(13,800 sq/m ), Outdoor ( 17,000 sq/m ).
Planned: Late 2017, Muse Border (China Cross Border Transit Warehouse) Late 2017, Mae Sot Border (Thai Cross Border Transit Warehouse)